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Our team of photographers and surfers have worked with different media groups over the years and offer a wealth of information, stories, photos and videos.


A few Media groups we have worked with recently:















Services we offer:


Stock Photos


If you are looking for hi-res digital photos for print please visit: http://darkroomphotos.co.uk/p946662020

Simply click buy on the photo you require and select the download option followed by 'Commercial' - If you require further information or wish to discuss bulk purchases please contact Jason on 07920 714 311

Video footage


We have a fantastic collection of video footage from cameras mounted on surfboards getting you close to the action. Please contact Jason on 07920 714 311 or email [email protected]




Looking for a live interview with a Pro Bore surfer? We off interviews for TV or radio. Please contact Steve on 07931 700019




Want to know where its best to see, film or photograph the Severn Bore? Call Steve on 07931 700019



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